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About Encuentros Conference

Encuentros Conference are a unique platform, created in 2006, of scientific and profesional collaboration between Chileans and international experts, which promote an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas that could become in effective solutions to Chile’s challenges of today and the future.

In 2016, the event will be held in Barcelona (Spain), between October 26 and October 28. Its core idea is “knowledge for social equity”.

The main objetive of the 2016 Barcelona Encuentros Conference is to promote the discussion and reflection on one of the challenges that the Chilean society is facing today. At the same time, Spain is presented as a developed country that has recently faced a major crisis and now shares with Chile the same challenge: social equity.

This conference will allow the exchange of ideas and the strengthening of ties between Chile and the old continent, treating social equity from the most diverse points of view and with relevant actors in the current scene. So in the future, thanks to this experience, participants will implement in Chile new concepts and projects that lead the country into a solution and prosperous development of the chosen theme.